Thursday, May 31, 2012


Voicethread is  a Web-based digital-storytelling application that allows users to share their stories through images, audio, or text.  It also allows the viewer to make comments in five different ways: 
1. voice with a microphone                                                      
2.  or voice with telephone
 3.  text                                
 4.  audio file                        
5.  video with a webcam     

         The Voicethread stories can be shared with anyone in the world or they can be kept private for selected viewer.  You can get a free basic account as well as a VoiceThread Pro account with unlimited creation and advanced features for a fee.  However, VoiceThread is offering free educator accounts for all k-12 classroom educators.  These free accounts are identical to the Pro account almost every aspect.
         Voicethread would be a great tool for classroom. It is user-friendly. You can share and create a voicethread easily with a mic and webcam. Powerpoint slides can be uploaded as JPEGS and then add audio of additional information. Voicethread presentations can be embedded into your class blog or on a website. I think this a great tool for schools.

Check out 100 ways to use VoiceThread in your room!

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  1. You explained VoiceThread well. I am glad to see that you found the 100 ways . . . . VoiceThread. What a unique idea, throw down the gauntlet and have others fill the gap.