Sunday, March 10, 2013

Technology Integration? No FEAR- TPACK is here!

Technology is here to stay!

 Technology seeps into every facet of our lives, from the cell phone that rings first thing in the morning with the recorded snowday announcement from the Superintendent, to relaxing at night watching Netflix.  There is no doubt that technology has integrated into  our lives. So how has it seeped into your classroom and is it being used effectively? Teachers are asking themselves and each other this question.

Let's get some answers.
Where do we go for the answer?

A Google search on Tech Integration?
Wow, only 46 million hits on Google. WHERE TO START!!!

 Okay let's just start with the tools we could use?

Just 66 million hit. REALLY!!

But, don't get overwhelmed! HELP IS HERE!

Help is Here!
Practitioners aren't out there alone seeking answers, there are experts clearing the way. I found some when I read about  Lee Shulman's work . Lee Schulman introduced the notion of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK). This teacher education researcher was interested in teacher preparation that seemed to be ignoring questions dealing with the content of the lessons taught. He argued that developing general pedagogical skills was not enough for preparing content teachers. Schulman believed the key to distinguishing the knowledge base of teaching rested at the intersection of content and pedagogy--PCK.

Piggybacking on this PCK model, technology was added into the formula. "Whatever technology you select, it is the intersection of Pedagogy, Content Knowledge and Technology within a Context that will carry the message for the learner. It will determine the topic's relevance to the learner and ultimately learners' interest in remembering and using the new information."Dr. Z's Selection and Integration of Instructional Technologies-RWLDs 

TPACK is this  framework that was developed for understanding the complexity of teaching with technology. 
 Mishra & Koehler (2006) article is the first and somewhat definitive presentation of the TPCK framework.
Effective technology integration is successful when it meets our curricular goals. It needs to support some of the  key components of learning: sound pedagogical knowledge, rich content knowledge, and technology awareness. 

Sound easy, not so much! Let's break it down a little further with this little video.

What does this mean for our classrooms?
It means there is a starting point for making meaningful learning experiences for our students. We don't start with the tools, but rather think about all three domains of our teaching.

Planning our  learning experiences can be describes as an end result of instructional decisions.
  1.  Choosing learning goals (Content- Iowa Core)
  2.   Making practical pedagogical decisions about the learning experience and student needs (Pedagogy)
  3.  Selecting and sequencing activities that meet the learning goals
  4.   Select formative and summative assessments
  5.   Select tools and resources that will best help students  benefit from the learning experiences  (technology)
Now put this in your Google Search! A place you can start!


  1. Andi~ I would have to agree with you that TPACK is overwhelming with all of the resources out there in google. How do you invision yourself starting to implement this into your classroom?

  2. I loved how you used the screen shots of your Google searches in this post. It was a very fun and informative read. The idea of technology integration can be overwhelming, if not frustrating and tiring at times! As I have read through various articles, and others' blogs, I have found also that look for TPACK activity types brings up a plethora of resources. I think if schools can help guide teachers towards these resources (don't invent the wheel!) then maybe it won't be so overwhelming and teachers will slowly start to warm up the idea of using more technology. Which technologies do you enjoy using the most in your classroom?
    Kirstin Thompson

  3. Hey Andi, I also like how you capture the readers attention at the beginning of your post! Especially if a teacher doesn't think resources for technology integration is out there! You also tie in the theme nicely as you conclude your post about where to start. Very catchy!

    The Activity Types is a great place to start, especially for teachers that are reluctant, or scared, of integrating technology.

  4. Andi excellent post! I really liked how you incorporated the Google search screen shots, it really showed how much information is out there and how overwhelming it "could be" for teachers. I also liked your 5-step breakdown-it is something that I think would be helpful to those that feel overwhelmed with technology integration.

  5. Excellent job cutting through the anxiety of technology integration. I agree with everyone else--the search statistics were incredibly striking.

  6. Andi- Great Post! You had a great attention grabber with the screen shots! It is amazing how long you can search for integrating technology and how overwhelming it can be. Your 5 steps to integrating technology effectively is very good!

  7. Thank you for the personalized blog post, Andi. I appreciate the candid discussion on how overwhelming TPACK integration can be. But, have no fear, Andi is here!

    I enjoyed looking at the resources you've provided and hopefully, through all of the blog posts written for this module, we can find the best quality resources for our cohort and educational circles to use in the future TPACK unpacking sessions!

  8. I LOVE how you began your posting showing the need for finding a bright star in all the confusion. Good resources and your structure for planning is good.

  9. Andi
    What a fun way to present this overwhelming topic. I think too often their is a fear to ask for help and you make it okay to not feel okay about TPACK. Your resources were great as well! I really enjoy how you focused on the positive ways this ideas can easily be incorporated into the classroom. Thanks for a great post Andi.