Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Techy Tuesday! #1

SO much to Do and so little time!

This is the lament of teachers everywhere. If it doesn't improve learning then why waste the time! Unfortunately, technology often becomes another "time sucking" aspect of the teacher's life. By the time you figure out the gadget, app, tool, you could have taught the kids using the old whiteboard and a marker ten times over! What we need is EFFECTIVE tools that change the way we reach kids. Tools that will make the work more efficient and allows us more time with our kids.

Quick Techy Tip of the Week

quick tip 4
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What I propose is LESS IS MORE!
Find a quick thing to try each week. Keep it simple.
Spend 10 minutes pondering it and see if it something you can bring into your bag of tricks.

Care to join me in a challenge of a tip a week?

Techy Tip #1: Use A Digital Classroom Timer

What are some benefits of using a timer in the classroom?
o   Monitors break times
o   Regulate study time
o   Encourage autonomy and independence  during independent work time
o    Aids in anticipate transitions
o   Helps regulate guided group rotations
o   Provides concrete example of elapsed time
o   Promotes students’ efficient use of time
o   Manages lesson pacing

There are lots of online timers out there in cyberspace, but this is why I like this one.
  1. It's large
  2. "Full Screen" option
  3. Project it on my whiteboard
  4. Works on ipad
  5. It has the features: timer, clock or countdown
  6.   Preset timers available
  7. I bookmark and use it through out the day  

Other Online Timers:

Class Tools Timer (Classtools.net)

Teachit Timer (Teachit)

Sandfields Timer (games@sandfields.co.uk)

http://www.online-stopwatch.com/classroom-timers/- this one has a ton of fun timers to keep your kiddos hopping!


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