Monday, April 15, 2013

Techie Tip #2: Introducing LearnBoost

Recently, I have grown a bit tired  of entering my grades on a paper grid in one of my gazillion binders! There has to be a better way. I did some digging and discovered LearnBoost

 What is LearnBoost?

LearnBoost is an online program that allows teachers to manage their gradebooks, lesson plans, attendance, schedules, seating charts, and more all from one place. And it's FREE! 
One of the greatest features of LearnBoost is it's very intuitive and easy! I was able to easily set up my class roster, grading scare, assignments and lesson plans. I didn't even watch a tutorial!!

 What are the Features? "Oh, do tell us more"-- you say!
Gradebook: track assignment scores, weight grades, enter comments, note missing assignments, and customize grading scale!
Lesson Planner: create and share standards-aligned, multimedia lesson plans
Calendar: automatically sync assignments and plans with your Google Calendars (if you use that)                                                                                                
Attendance: mark attendance in a list view or in seating chart format
Reports and Analytics: visualize student performance in real-time, and include anecdotal comments for report cards
Sharing: share class calendars, attendance records, comments, and grades online with parents and students (which I have not done!)
Mobile: use LearnBoost on the ipad! It's not really an app, just put it in your browser!


• Free and easy!
• Use your school Google account for the gradebook and lesson plan software
• You can grade at home, plan lessons, and print reports

• You can share your plans with your teammates
• It allows you to weight  assignments, quizzes, and tests and averages-- with the grading scale you choose




Visit the LearnBoost Tour Site
Watch these Tutorials:



  1. Going to have to play with this! It looks great. The binders have been driving me crazy too!

  2. To funny, I have totally become a binder queen, I need to rely more on my Google Drive and start pitching the paper!
    I have to tell you, I have been using the Classroom Organizer app and I love it!! Kids are having fun scanning the ISBN code.